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More than 2000 satisfied customers, 50 partners and 25 Indian cities. Rezno is totally focused on offering its Home Cladding Services and providing Commercial Industrial Cladding Services.

Rezno originated in the year 2009, despite its short time in the market, its excellent initiative in the material it offers has allowed it to be present in various places of India.

Having a company like Rezno Laminates for the design and architecture of homes is essential if you want to opt for ecological building materials, low energy consumption and recyclable.

Its objective is focused on the architecture and exterior design of hotel projects, exhibition halls, commercial buildings and high-level residences, including mainly façade solutions with Commercial and Industrial Cladding Services. The exterior design is determined by a high level and large-scale concept to meet the needs and demands of customers.

All the professional architecture that Rezno Laminates offers in its Home Cladding Services guarantees a newer room design to make it look more attractive and modern in its design.

Like any company, Rezno Laminates has an official platform in which customers can make free consultations about the Coating Service from the comfort of their home and leave in the hands of their professionals, the design and architecture of the facades of its lounge, shopping centre or building with ecological materials of excellent quality for a lower energy consumption.

The prices of the services offered by Rezno Laminates have a really competitive cost, you can count on guaranteed work in the design and architecture of interiors at reasonable prices. For more information, company has online support 24/7.

Exterior Expertise

The Exterior design division is established as Design Research Studio to deliver high concept interiors, architectural design and large scale

Awards Winning

Incredible inside outline is about considerably more than basically influencing rooms to look more trendy and appealing.

Free Consultation

We disentangle this staggering procedure for you—so you won't just think that its more sensible, however you will really appreciate

Reasonable Price

Normal INTERIOR DESIGN COST. By and large, a run of the mill inside fashioner will cost $2,000 to $5,000, barring furniture.

Guaranteed Works

At Exterior that is precisely what we offer in our Affection Where You Live Guarantee.``We are so committed to ensuring you are thrilled with the results

24 / 7 Support

An online support to help your problems go away.A 24 hour, reliable service to help solve problems your face with any of our services.We are just a phone call away.


The workplace is a portrayal of the way of life and qualities that you are anticipating out to society. Exterior Architecture is gifted at interpreting this culture splendidly on to the structure of your working environment, regardless of


Inside blueprint in convenience centers fundamentally around advantage wanders including motels, restaurants, bistros, bars, health clubs, parlors, spas, and country clubs, among others. The degree of work, spending ,


Exterior Architecture have smart team to do everything required to create a beautiful home (Designing + Contracting + Materials) under one roof. We use smart processes + technology to provide you a hassle free beautiful

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Success

First and the essential part is to Meet and let our viewpoint match.

So much out there at the market. Confusion is obvious. Allow us to meet once, showcase our projects and the quality we use. We want you to get the initial satisfaction and then walk further.

For over years, Reznoclad is a personage of clay building materials. It is a unique experience and based on this, Reznoclad creates innovative solutions for the building envelope, through various activities like- Decorative High Pressure Laminates, Bitumen roofing, Decking, Gazebo and pergola, and etc.

Our competent and trained employees are well qualified and can work to a high standard. Installations are carried out in full compliance with industry standards and product specifications using the very latest methods. We are particular about our designs and the innovations to create something new and something best.

We offer a practical and professional approach to ensure our Client relationship is a positive and rewarding experience with the highest priority given to safe working practices and Health and Safety excellence. Not just work accomplishment is our motto, but we also focus upon after sale service and client satisfaction. Our clients are always happy and this is the biggest wealth we possess.


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