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Exterior Laminate Sheet services in Delhi

Transform your lifestyle and add a dash of uniqueness with our laminates. Laminates which enhance the beauty of your home

Exceptional choices of Sheets of Laminates, great colors and amazing textures and patters that gives an exquisite tone to your house. Reznoclad avails Exterior Laminate Sheet services in Delhi. Archaeologists found the bits and parts of laminated wood in the pyramids of Egypt. It was great to find out the history of laminates.

Reznoclad Laminates are extremely durable and has a feature of shield to wear and tear. They protect against scratches and avoid heat and Ultraviolet rays. Also acts as shield against effects of bad weather and frequent weather changes. This makes Laminates life go long, may be around 20 years or more.

Exterior laminates, also known as Grade Laminates, are profoundly designed high pressure decorative laminate sheets which are used for outward or exterior applications such as wall cladding etc.

For decorative uses, Reznoclad presents HPL Laminates which are known to be most durable and strong material and acts as a screen against heat, weather effects, UV rays, chemical effects, fire and other external factors.

Decorative Laminates of Reznoclad are sketched in a wide range of thickness from 0.7mm to 1.5mm, and 3 to 4 mm also are available. You may choose between matte, crystal, mirror, marble and many more options.

Exterior Laminate Sheet