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High Pressure Laminate Services in Delhi

High Pressure Laminate gives a fresh feel to your house

High Pressure Laminates comes to you in a great selection of sheet colors and inventive patterns and enhance the elegance and richness of your space.

It is a bit surprising to know that the trend to use laminates are not new. The history of laminates is quite old. According to the Archaeologists, the hints of laminated wood was found in the tombs of Egypt.

Reznoclad Laminate is quite known for its feature of resistance to wear and tear. These acts as a shield to scars or scratches and also protects from heat and weather effects and UV rays. This is why reznoclad laminates lasts around 2 decades longer.

High Pressure Laminates are used for applications like wall claddings etc. Reznoclad avails High Pressure Laminates services in Delhi. Reznoclad offers these laminates for decoration purposes and it has extra special properties such as chemical, fire and wear resistance.

Their thickness varies from, 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm, sizes including 3 and 4mm are also available. Few famous of them are crystal, mirror, metallic etc.

Exterior Cladding