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HPL Cladding in Delhi

Great excellence and durability

Reznoclad Laminates presents many options and solutions along with extremely great quality. Reznoclad provides HPL Cladding services in Delhi.

According to the parameters described by international and European- Products of HPL Cladding are described high viscosity panels. HPL Sheets have great strength and productive HPL Cladding Services. Design and exterior architecture services of Rezno Laminates are with extremely high quality which ensures great saving.

The material which are used contains important essentials which ensures high resistance in the work of construction and outer work. For HPL, International and European standards have already clarified that the material of this company’s HPL Panel Cladding are high density panels.
The resistance chemically, physically and mechanically is spectacular and the preservation and work is easy.

The numerous layers in the HPL Panel Cladding confirms the excellence. The material they are made of is of a cellulose fibre which is soaked in thermosetting resins that are subsequently subjected to a simultaneous pressure of (> 7MPa) of pressure and to heat with (140/150 ° C).

These processes are carried out in special presses during a certain period, but in turn, this can vary when the type of laminate is different. With the HPL Cladding process, the product is much more stable, homogeneous, inert, high density and non-porous, resulting in a material with properties and physical and chemical characteristics completely different from the original components.

HPL Cladding