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HPL Sheets services in Delhi

Extremely High Quality HPL Sheets by Reznoclad

High in Quality and various choices available in Rezno Laminates. According to International and European Standards, these panels are declared of high density. An important thing to note here is that HPL Sheets are with great power and with productive HPL Cladding Services. HPL Sheets services are available in Delhi by Reznoclad.

Service of Laminates and HPL Sheets of Reznoclad ensures an energetic saving. This material has important physical and chemical feature that assures a high resistance in terms of construction and designing exterior architecture. This makes their maintenance and work easy.

Many layers of HPL Panel Cladding ensures the excellence. They are made of cellulose fibre that are dipped in thermosetting resin that are subsequently subjected to a simultaneous pressure of (> 7MPa) of pressure and to heat with (140/150 ° C).

The procedures are accomplished in a specified time under special process. However, this can differ when the type of the laminate is different. When talking about the HPL Cladding process, the product is stable, high density, etc. This results in material with physical and chemical properties that are entirely different from original components.

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