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Exterior Laminate Sheet services in Gurgaon

Reznoclad Laminates transforms the space from beautiful to mind blowing. Let the laminate enhance the wonder of the space you own

Amazing choice of Laminate Sheets containing extraordinary look, soothing colors, elegant textures that will give your space a perfect look. Exterior Laminate Sheet services by Reznoclad is available in Gurgaon.

You would be surprised to know that laminates are not a modern extract. Wooden laminates were earlier used in the pyramids of Egypt, as researched by the Archaeologists.

It is a matter of applaud that Laminates of Reznoclad are strong and resilient. They act as a screen to weathering. They are a resistant to abrasions and high temperature. Also protects against bad weather and its effects. Saves from UV rays and this makes laminates live longer. Their life increases up to 20 years with this.

Exterior laminates, also known as the exterior grade laminates, are altogether made for exterior applications for example wall cladding, façade cladding and many more. For exterior work they are designed high-pressure decorative.

HPL Laminates of Reznoclad for decorative aspects are known to be the most long-lasting decorative surface material with extraordinary efficiency properties of weathering and fire resistance.

These are designed in a varied range of thickness from 0.7mm to 1 .5mm and 3 and 4mm are also available. These sheets come in glossy, mirror, crystal, marble and many more.

Exterior Laminate Sheet