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High Pressure Laminate Services in Gurgaon

Laminate sheets in Various textures and designs

Laminate sheets were used in the ancient era as well. Research of archaeologists says it. The traces of Laminated sheets were found in the tombs of Egypt, it might sound surprising but this is the truth.

In the modern times laminated sheets are available in various designs, textures and colors. A huge range for selection brings it in demand. High Pressure Laminates Services of Reznoclad are in Gurgaon.

Laminates of Reznoclad has out of the world qualities like resistance to scratches, abrasion, bad effects of weather, UV rays, heat etc. Its special performance includes chemical, fire and wear resistance.

They are mainly used for exterior application like wall cladding, façade cladding etc. With great attributes and resistance power, life of the sheets goes up to 20 years. These are available in the thickness of 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm, while 3 and 4 mm varieties are also available.

Exterior Cladding