HPL Cladding

Reznoclad HPL

High resistance and density in the HPL sheets
Rezno Laminates offers various solutions with extremely high-quality material. HPL Panel Cladding products are defined high density panels by International and European standards. The HPL Sheets are with great strength along with efficient HPL Cladding services.

Rezno Laminates services of design and architecture of exteriors with high quality material that guarantee an energetic saving. These materials have essential physical and chemical qualities and characteristics that guarantee a high resistance in the construction and design of exterior architecture.

International and European standards have defined for HPL, that the products of HPL Panel Cladding that this Company has, as very high-density panels, where they are comprised by the measurement of (≥1.35g / cm3 ) to be used immediately.

The characteristics of the HPL Sheets are impressive, are endowed with which mechanical, chemical and physical resistance with great strength so that their work and maintenance is easy and simple.

What guarantees excellence in the HPL Panel Cladding are the multiple layers that comprise it. The material with which they are made is of a cellulose fibre that is soaked in thermosetting resins that are subsequently subjected to a simultaneous pressure of (> 7MPa) of pressure and to heat with (140/150 ° C).

These processes are carried out in special presses during a certain period, but in turn, this can vary when the type of laminate is different. With the HPL Cladding process, the product is much more stable, homogeneous, inert, high density and non-porous, resulting in a material with properties and physical and chemical characteristics completely different from the original components.

These products have the characteristic of having a low level of permeability, a very important quality that allows the HPL to be a useful barrier in case there is any emotion of volatile substances or formaldehyde that are often present in the wood bases where they are constantly applied.