The best Decorative Compact Laminate offered by Monier

The world leader for roof solutions of excellent quality is attributed to the Monier group. This company was formerly known as Lafarge and was established in the country of India in 1997. Since then, it has been the main responsible for the supply and solutions of roofs for the Exterior Cladding, getting to associate with the homeowners for the last 12 years.

This company has the support of a professional team of architects and developers from all over the country. It focuses on admitting only roofing products that maintain a standard in quality and this at the forefront of the global industry in decorative compact laminate, allowing its entry through COLOROOF. It has a wide range of tiles from foreign clays, architects OCCITANE and ROMAN, especially for those owners who love the styles and contemporary designs that they want to enjoy in their homes, elevating the appearance but keeping the traditional Coloroof.

Among the variety of products, MONIER has clay ceiling tile in Occitan and Roman, both of excellent quality in each of its products for the External Wall Cladding.

Customers can enjoy a wide collection of the laminated exterior sheet in high-quality ceilings. The tiles have a high level of resistance and their finish is exceptional and they have a design that compares with the standards of industry and fashion and at the same time, maintains watertightness with respect to water.

These include a complete set of accessories and roofing items to complement the utility of the same. The high-pressure laminate offered by Monier, are durable and high strength, putting in each product, your best effort, and passion for trading the best roof covers with the best designs.