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High Pressure Laminate Services in Noida

High Pressure Laminates… Enhancing the quality of Lifestyle

Such amazing textures and beautiful colors, that the quality of your lifestyle will increase. Talking about the finest collection of High Pressure Laminates. This service is provided by Reznoclad in Noida.

Laminates were found at the Egypt tombs by the archaeologists. It is thus proven that these are been used since ages. It has a deep history and a rich present.

Reznoclad has a great resistance power to wear and tear, scratches and scars. It protects from heat, effects of bad temperature and so it lasts longer. This makes the life of the sheets go longer, approx. 20 years or more.

For Wall Claddings, and other exterior applications, these High Pressure Laminates are designed to work wonders. They have exclusive properties which includes chemical, fire resistance.

These are available in thickness from 0.7mm to 1.5mm and 3 and 4 mm are also available. The finishing and textures are great. Few popular are wood grains, glossy, beaded and more.

Exterior Cladding