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Properties of natural wood in the exterior wall cladding

The exterior design and architecture industry offers a lot of variety in terms of materials, where customers can choose the one that best suits their needs or meets all their requirements. Each offers extraordinary physical and chemical properties to fulfill a particular function, wood, for example, is one of the popular in the industry currently widely used in the exterior cladding.

One of the best wood manufacturers is Parklex, each product that brings to market has the characteristic of imparting the sensation of warmth, comfort, beauty, and quality that only wood can achieve. It has a wide range of sheets for exterior wall cladding, mostly of natural properties, so as not to neglect the nature of the environment.

The high pressure laminate meets industry standards for strength and durability, characteristics required for the exterior of buildings. The products that Parklex manufactures are ideal to maintain the aesthetics in the exterior design and architecture thanks to its decorative compact laminate with which you can achieve beautiful high resistance finishes.

Parklex guarantees a facade covering in buildings based on natural wood with its laminated exterior sheet, regardless of the weather or climate, you can find quality and comfort in each of its products, feeling the freshness of natural wood.