Advantages and characteristics of the products for the Exterior Cladding

To ensure that the products are 100% ecological, panels made of Swisspearl® cement. They are manufactured with high environmental awareness and for this, they are made with low energy.

Local minerals are the main raw material in the construction of decorative Compact Laminate, where the procedures to which they are subjected, are certified by Swisspearl®. The surface finish has a coating, edges, and seals that guarantee the buyer, a durable, durable and with an optimal behavior for the External Wall Cladding.

The High Pressure Laminate is at the forefront of the industry and has received good reviews from the Swiss construction authorities, stipulating a standard life of 40 years in these products.

The installation of Exterior Laminate Sheet panels is carried out with state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing customers excellence and quality in each product, thanks to their special uninterrupted ventilation.

It is a type of system in the exterior cladding that has been subjected to multiple tests and as a result, offers effective protection in the structure of the building that lasts for decades. These products have the characteristic of being resistant to fireproof, rotting and in general, they do not need any type of maintenance.

Each one of the products is submitted to procedures by expert professionals in the area so that they take advantage of their qualities and characteristics.