Environmental care with the terracotta for the exterior cladding

The company rezno laminates have had undoubted success in the exterior design and architecture industry, but not only the quality and excellence of each of its products but the wide range of items it offers. These are adapted to the need, demand, and expectations of the customers, this allows the exterior cladding of their properties to comply with the standards and not defraud their ideals.

Terracotta is one of the most demanded products in the industry, but the quality and professionalism are taken to another level in rezno laminates, and this material is 100% natural because the idea is always to respect the environment. The emission of rays in the exterior wall cladding with the terracotta made by this company is minimal, can be discarded or recycled later.

This product is placed in a production cycle in which it is mixed with water and marls in which its volume of waste is reduced, conserving the natural resources so that the high-pressure laminate, decorative compact laminate, and laminated external sheet on the basis of this material can preserve its non-renewable natural properties.

After undergoing this process, an environmental recovery is made and the product is packaged in pallets that are recyclable, so customers are guaranteed not to leave waste after their purchase.