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Wooden Cladding


Properties and characteristics in the wood cladding
Before talking about the Wooden Cladding Services, let us tell you the quality of material Rezno is particular about.

The variety of ecological materials available to Rezno Laminates for outdoor design and architecture are carefully selected, taking into account all the attributes and physical and chemical characteristics that guarantee excellence and quality to each of the elements before they go on the market, all products are worked by experts in the area under competent procedures that bring out the full potential of the materials.

In the case of wood, it is a perfect element that often functions as a permeable tool; this is taken from some woody plants and tree foundations. Its main characteristic is its natural origin, whose qualities are comprised by cellulose filaments, an attribute that allows it to maintain its solidity under pressure.

The wood cladding is installed in a lignin grid, thus opposing the pressure. This material is very versatile and promises to withstand the passage of time thanks to the xylem, a component found in the stems of trees.

This fabric is a perfect auxiliary that is also present in shrubs and woody trees, playing a role in which it incorporates a type of indistinguishable tissue, which allows helping the plants to develop, reach a huge size and lift them even when do not count on the support of other factors.

Xylem is an essential ingredient and the main responsible for transporting supplements and water between leaves, roots and any other tissue that is in development. Wood is an excellent material with exceptional properties that thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics, it is used in the design of interior decoration, useful tools and, of course, in materials for architecture and exterior construction.